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AICM - International Humanitarian Foundation AICM Ukraine

About AICM: For 15 years, the International Humanitarian Foundation AICM Ukraine has participated in many advances and reforms in the field of health in Ukraine in cooperation with the Minister of Health but also at regional or local levels. AICM helped 258 hospitals, trained hundreds Ukrainian Medical Doctors in France and thousands of others in Ukraine, treated several hundred Ukrainian patients in France and gave thousands of consultations in cooperation with local doctors. The AICM Ukraine Foundation has introduced many European standards in treatments but also in the sanitary standards of construction for the reception of patients to fight against nosocomial diseases. With the mandate of French institutions, AICM Ukraine helped to enhance the level of healthcare through 142 different projects.
Since 2014, AICM has responded to the humanitarian emergency in the conflict zone in eastern Ukraine. AICM’s challenge is to reach the most vulnerable people who are isolated and stuck in this area by helping the hospitals that AICM knows very well and who have suffered from the conflict by the free donation of medicines, medical equipment, but also directly the population with packs of food and hygiene. AICM works in addition to the incredible work of the Red Cross and the UN to prevent too many patients from becoming the collateral victims of the conflict.
Another large part of AICM’ activity is the restoration of health services along the contact line.  AICM Ukraine is engaged, as project manager, in the preliminary study of the restoration or complete provision of primary healthcare units in connection with the local health authorities to restore, build, equip the facilities, train the medical staff and provide ambulance services disrupted by the conflict.

The yearly direct turnover of  AICM is EUR 1,412,000 and EUR 1,752,000 indirect (donations in kind) with a permanent staff of 12 people, 6 part-time workers, 11 consultants and 29 volunteers.
More recently, AICM Ukraine is engaged in helping hospitals specializing in the fight against COVID-19 in 7 Oblasts by providing them with medical equipment and very high-level specialized training.
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