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ControlPay was founded in 2002 to assist with the control of freight costs and the processing of invoices of large multinationals with complex logistics structures. Over the years, we have excelled in this area of business. Our time-tested cloud-based solutions enable us to deliver flexible and cost-effective services anywhere in the world. ControlPay’s strong heritage in logistics and roots in the freight forwarding industry has allowed us to become the largest Freight Audit company in Europe, as well as a key global provider.

We have a truly international reach and business network with offices in the United States, Asia, Brazil, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands and Ukraine. A growing staff of over 275 people and advanced technologies empower us to serve customers in the Automotive, Industrial, Consumer, Pharma and Healthcare industries.

What our customers like the most about us is our strong logistics approach, the high level of detail and flexibility and our pro-active approach towards the carriers. ControlPay is a highly efficient Freight Audit provider that is driven by cost savings and the value of the perfectly accurate and actionable logistics data that we deliver to our clients. Our logistics intelligence drives savings, efficiency and value in Logistics, Finance and Operations.

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