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Founded in 2004, Sayara International evolved from a small, local Afghan company, into a global US small business service provider operating in four countries, with over 250 staff worldwide. Sayara is unique in the development sector in that the company grew out of the field, not the beltway. In 2015 Sayara decided to begin using its lessons learned as a sub contractor and prime on USAID contracts and apply them to a new implementation model that is leaner, more impactful and gives more back to the local economy.  Sayara believes in retaining local staff and offices as a core part of our social responsibility and the overall benefits to program implementation and economic development in the countries we serve. Unlike traditional development firms, Sayara’s offices are not dependant on singular projects. Rather, each country office is self-sustained and works with a multitude of donors, which allows for continuous on the ground operations, swift start up times and retention of staff knowledge and experience, allowing Sayara to be a mainstay in the local economies in which we work. This has been proven by the commitment of our staff, some of whom have been with Sayara since our founding in 2004. The final factor in the Sayara development model is continuity. Unlike other firms, Sayara’s continuous presence in the countries we serve, allow our program staff to not repeat mistakes that have been made on past programs; and allows our operations staff to support these programs with plans that are refined and lower costs that are reflective of a firm that has long established ties with local vendors and consultants.

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