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SOFRECO (Société française de Réalisation, d’Études et de Conseil)

Founded in 1976, SOFRECO (Société française de Réalisation, d’Études et de Conseil) is an independent French company specialised in the sector of Official Development Assistance and the development of industrial projects.

In 2008, SOFRECO created a training centre devoted to business areas, the Perspective Training and Research Institute, which delivers training designed for senior management from the public and private sector. This training is provided at the premises of the SOFRECO Group in the Paris region, or in beneficiaries’ countries.

SOFRECO provides consulting (studies, technical assistance), engineering, and training services to public sector actors (international organisations including international financial institutions -multilateral funding agencies, bilateral cooperation-, governments, State administrations and local authorities, public companies) and private firms.

The SOFRECO Group employs more than 100 people at head office covering the full range of professions (engineers, project managers, jurists, economists, political scientists, etc.), of various nationalities. All have at least English and French as working languages (our teams also include Spanish-, Arabic-, Russian-speakers, among others). The project managers regularly contribute as in-house experts in the field, enabling them to combine the technical and managerial skills necessary for their supervisory position.

Roughly 100 permanent consultants work with our staff, bringing the number of permanent collaborators up to 237.

The SOFRECO Group’s expertise network (expert database) includes more than 45 000 senior and junior experts of all nationalities, covering all areas of intervention. They are selected according to the profiles specifically required for each project (expertise), but also on the basis of their interpersonal skills, with a preference for those who have already successfully worked for the SOFRECO Group. As of 01/07/2019, approximately 500 experts were mobilised in the field (including approximately 100 long-term experts).

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