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Viva Decor (Sintra)

SINTRA is a confidently growing company in the wallpaper industry, a subsidiary of the largest European manufacturer, the German wallpaper factory RASCH, which has more than a century of experience in the wallpaper industry. From RASCH the company SINTRA received the information and technical base and production and technological support of the highest sample.


To date, the company operates independently of the RASCH factory. SYNTRA has a well-developed network of partners in more than 20 countries. Following the strategy of continuous development, the company is constantly expanding the geography of its supplies.


The area of ​​the SINTRA factory – 45 thousand square meters. m, the volume of warehouses – about 15 thousand square meters. m, with a total capacity of about 2 million euros. Production facilities of the factory are more than 10 million euros. Daily shipment from the factory – up to 45 thousand euros.

The logistics service of the SINTRA factory is a division that provides production of raw materials and auxiliary materials, stores warehouses in stores, accepts and processes customer orders, delivers goods to the buyer, plans production.


The warehouse areas of SINTRA include: a warehouse of raw materials (3,000 sq. m.), a transit warehouse at the factory (2,000 sq. m.) and a finished goods warehouse (10,000 sq. m.) with a capacity of more than 10,000 pallet-houses and with a total capacity of about 2 million euros.

In order to avoid damaging the wallpaper during transportation, the goods inside the machine are packed with cardboard sheets and polyethylene film. Each submerged vehicle leaves the factory site sealed with a branded seal.


Warehouses of finished products are equipped with a railway branch for loading wagons.


Logistics Supply Department works closely with many leading European suppliers of raw materials, including manufacturers of paints, PVC, plasticizer, paper, chalk, etc. Raw materials flows to the SINTRA factory come from Germany, Finland, Holland and other European countries.


The warehouse facilities of the SINTRA factory are equipped with modern loading and unloading equipment. The transport department of the logistics service cooperates with more than 20 transport companies and ensures the dispatch of products to the CIS, Baltic countries, the Middle East and Asia.


The factory sends its products through two own trading organizations – Sintra Trading LLC in Kiev and Sintra Trading-M LLC in Moscow.

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