Consultancy is to Provide Assistance to Develop and Implement the Project’s MEL System, Strengthening the Project’s Theory of Action and Associated Results Framework; Supervising Data Collection and Reporting 80 views

Consultancy is to provide assistance to develop and implement the project���s MEL system, strengthening the project���s Theory of Action and associated Results Framework; supervising data collection and reporting



Empowering Civil Society and Journalists in Oversight and Promotion of Effective Anti-Corruption Environment Project

Grant No.: TF0B2997

Assignment Title: External Evaluator

Reference No. (as per Procurement Plan): UA-ANTAC-EXTERNAL EVALUATOR-CS-CQS

NGO Anti-Corruption Action Center and NGO Nashi Groshi received financing from the World Bank toward the cost of the Strengthening Public Resource Management Project, and looking for external evaluator of the project.

The consultancy will require the completion of several Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) deliverables to be completed in consultation with the AntAC, the WB Task Team Leader (TTL) and GPSA Secretariat. Timeframes provided in TOR will be negotiated for the project once the successful candidate has been hired.

The following activities are required to fulfill the consultancy purpose and specific goals:

1. Research Design and MERL system with a MERL plan (this is to be initiated once consultant is hired, approved before baseline data collection and updated throughout project implementation) – This initial plan, which will be updated throughout the project will include a detailed plan to show how all MEL deliverables will be completed, including a fit-for-purpose research design which uses theory-informed, causal analysis and appropriate methods that enable assessment of the key GPSA evaluation questions and the project-level Theory of Action and Results Framework indicators (please see next item). The plan will also require a user-friendly, operational MEL guide for AntAC staff to use explaining how MEL will be used to ensure project course corrections take place. This plan and its updates will be consulted and validated with the GPSA, project TTL and organization (all draft deliverables shall be submitted in advance to allow sufficient time for consultations).The following documentation must inform the Research Design, MERL system and MERL plan:

  • All project documents.
  • public sector and development partner documents and reports relevant to assess sustainability and coherence in Ukraine’s anticorruption sector
  • GPSA documents as well as evaluations of other GPSA projects to enable cross-project comparative learning.

The Research Design should also include a project-level Theory of Action and update to the Results Framework (within the first two-months of the consultancy) – The consultant will facilitate the creation of the project-level Theory of Action with AntAC as well as other project stakeholders, including the GPSA Secretariat and World Bank TTL. The Results Framework will refine the localization to the project’s context of the indicators against which the project must report – this includes revising the methodology and sources to produce functional equivalent data about said indicators as well as the yearly targets for each indicator. This document will be aligned with the GPSA’s guidance and be consulted and validated with the GPSA and project TTL prior to any data collection (all draft deliverables shall be submitted in advance to allow sufficient time for consultations). Participatory workshop-style approaches will be encouraged.

Development of operational tools, including a user-friendly project MEL guide for project staff and other key stakeholders (within six months of starting the consultancy but after the Research Design and MERL system/plan has been cleared) – This includes, inter alia, a methodology, data collection and analysis tools and protocols, division of responsibilities and allocation of resources (including interfaces to leverage resources of the operation, as relevant) as well as AntAC activities schedule with designated roles and responsibilities in line with WB, GPSA and AntAC M&E principles and quality standards. The MEL system will incorporate adaptive learning and management tools to ensure the timely adjustment of the project’s operations.

A project baseline for the GPSA project (to be completed by December 31, 2021). Supervise the data collection by the project team, analyze the data collected and prepare the baseline report. The consultant should justify the proposed sample of sources, mechanisms for data collection and interpretation in the Research Design.

Monitoring data analysis and reporting: The consultant is responsible for carrying out the analysis of mandatory evaluative indicators included in the Results Framework. This data is submitted yearly by the grantee in its technical reports. In addition, the consultant will support analysis of other data collection during project implementation, including relevant feedback to biannual technical reports and data that may support the evaluations, as per the research design and MERL system/plan.

All draft deliverables shall be submitted in advance to allow sufficient time for consultations and feedback and approval by the GPSA Secretariat.

Provide continuous MEL capacity building support to AntAC: This includes support to providing project monitoring, reporting as well as making updates and adaptations to the MEL system through reflection and learning as the project is implemented. (continuous)[1].

The consultant will also support AntAC to use learning from MEL as well as address capacity needs by:

a. Ensuring the project-level Results Framework indicators remains relevant as well as the MEL system.

b. Monitoring data collection is reliable.

c. Monitoring data analysis is accurate.

d. MEL data is interpreted and validated by key stakeholders.

e. Feedback and support on project reporting is provided.

f. MEL data can be communicated and used appropriately for adaptive learning purposes.

Consultant will:

• Develop and elaborate a detailed research design taking into account the GPSA’s lessons to-date and needs;

• Develop a fit-for purpose detailed methodology for the evaluations in response to the key evaluation questions;

• Collect and analyze data and conduct activities outlined in TOR;

• Map and review project, sectoral GPSA, and other relevant documentation;

• Keep abreast of adaptations to GPSA’s MERL guidance and project lessons;

• Deliver all products in a timely fashion, taking into account stakeholders’ bandwidth;

• Be responsible for the quality of all evaluative exercises;

• Develop and present draft and final baseline assessment.

Please note that upon extending of AntAC’s grant agreement and successful consultancy performance, the MEL consultancy may be prolonged until June 2023 and will include inter alia conducting midterm assessment and final evaluation of the project.

Consultant Qualifications

This assignment will be contracted to an independent expert evaluator consultant or consulting firm with international experience and knowledge in monitoring and evaluation of social accountability projects. The consultant (could be a team) must meet the following qualifications:

  • A post-graduate university degree in the social sciences.
  • A minimum of 7-10 years of collecting and analyzing qualitative and quantitative data, including conducting interviews, development of monitoring indicators, and using data for causal claim-making in evaluative studies;
  • Solid understanding of social accountability, citizen participation and public governance. Previous experience evaluating social accountability and citizen participation projects is preferred.
  • Proven work experience in assessing measurable target indicators.
  • Proven competence in sample survey techniques.
  • Knowledge of theory of change, political economy and adaptive management approaches will be considered an asset.
  • Demonstrated ability to assess complex situations in order to succinctly and clearly distil critical issues.
  • Excellent analytical and report writing skills.
  • Able to work independently with excellent demonstrated teamwork, good communications and facilitation skills.
  • Experience in leading multi-disciplinary teams to deliver quality products in high stress and short deadline situations.
  • Previous experience in World Bank/GPSA evaluations is an asset.

Application Process

  • The Consultant or firm should express their interest in this call through a brief proposal and curriculum vitae (of the lead consultant and team if any) with referees and samples of recent work to AntAC by electronic mail to:

Mrs. Marta Ruda, M&E Manager, [email protected]

  • To help us track our procurement effort, please indicate in your message where ( you saw this tender/procurement notice.

Further information can be obtained at the address below during office hours from 09:00 to 17:00 hours.

The documents should be submitted by July 31, 2021, 6 pm Kyiv time. Only selected candidates will be contacted.

[1] NB: The deliverables will be negotiated based on project timeframes and budget.

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