For providing the online teacher training course in teaching biology, math, physics, and chemistry in the Ukrainian language 205 views


For providing the online teacher training course in teaching biology, math, physics, and chemistry in Ukrainian

These Terms of Reference define the activities to be provided for the online teacher training course in teaching Ukrainian as a second language. The assignment will be implemented as part of Language Component, Cluster 1 related activities, and it will support MoES in raising awareness and positive attitudes towards the school reform and its benefits among national minorities in the Chernivtsi and Transcarpathia regions. A specific goal is to raise the level of proficiency of biology, math, physics, and chemistry teachers in teaching in Ukrainian.


 Learning a new language is often challenging for both the learner and the teacher.  The change that the Project’s Language Component aims to achieve is an improvement of the current quality of school education of national minorities in Ukraine. The schools that deliver instruction mostly in minority languages, while the state language is learned only as a separate subject, do not provide students with enough proficiency in the state language to enter tertiary education in Ukraine. A high percentage of the school leavers are failing in independent evaluation tests in the Ukrainian language and literature that is an integral component of their admission to further education.

The Language Component will act with a short-term and long-term perspective. In the long-term, it will change the method of how the Ukrainian language is taught to ethnic minority pupils, and it will improve the quality of the subject teaching of the Ukrainian language (L2) among national minorities, especially the Romanian and Hungarian minorities. In the short-term, it will seek to offer spaces for ethnic minority pupils to improve their Ukrainian language skills.

In the online course, teachers of biology, math, physics, and chemistry will learn effective strategies and approaches to enhance the quality of teaching in Ukrainian in national minority contexts.


An online course has to provide opportunities for teachers for improving the competences in the Ukrainian language (both general skills in communication in Ukrainian, and specific teaching contexts). Through situational analysis and experiential learning, participants will explore new strategies and approaches for teaching biology, math, physics, and chemistry in Ukrainian as well as developing approaches in mentoring colleagues at their home schools. The online course is intended to be flexible in terms of online delivery and enrolment.  When a teacher completes the entire series, a Certificate of Attendance will be issued (with a minimum of 1 ECTS credit – 30 study hours).

All content has to be validated based on a need’s analysis.

An online course should explore teaching and learning topics emergent from pedagogical evidence-based best practices which are learner-centered and inclusive. An online course has to be designed to provide teachers of biology, math, physics, and chemistry an opportunity to enhance their pedagogical understanding of teaching in Ukrainian within their specific contexts and students in grades 5-11(12). By combining targeted teaching and learning sessions linked to classroom practice through teaching presentations, this program should provide participants with a unique and integrated experiential learning opportunity to expand their pedagogical understanding and practice.


The content of the course(s) includes modern training methods such as interactive working methods, group work, and promoting transversal competencies.

The duration of the whole assignment will be a maximum of 1 year (preparation, piloting, improving, conducting, and reporting) starting from the commencement of the work.

The Service Provider will cooperate with the designated staff of the project Learning Together. A detailed work plan with a timeline will be finalized by the Service Provider with guidance by the National Project Director, the Chief Technical Advisor, and Project experts.

The details of the assignment, terms, and conditions will be specified in the contract between FCG Ltd (Contractor) and a Service Provider.


The Service Provider will submit the following deliverables:

  1. Present ideas and a working plan for the online course
  2. Design a creative concept for the assignment
  3. Draft an inception report outlining the activities to be undertaken, with an implementation plan and timelines
  4. Implement the assignment
  5. Provide at least 6 progress reports describing the accomplishments of each period
  6. Provide a Final Report which shows the methodology used, activities undertaken, successes, challenges, results (planned and unplanned), lessons learned, and future recommendations.



Stage 1. Preparation

The contracted Service Provider will do the needs analysis.

Service Provider(s) will draw up a work plan; the online course(s) outline and map development will take place. A finalized work plan, methodology, and tools will be approved by the Project.

Timeline is to be defined.

Stage 2. Design of the Online Course(s) and its production

Online teacher training course structure will be developed.

It has to have at least:

  • Welcome and online course orientation
  • General mandatory module(s) for teachers to improve basic communication skills in the Ukrainian language
  • Elective modules (depending on the discipline – physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology) to improve the Ukrainian terminology, specific pedagogical vocabulary, etc.
  • Set of teaching practice (peer observations and feedback)
  • Selecting and using resources to enhance further language learning

Assessment of Development/Revision will take place.

The contracted Service Provider(s) will do additional resource identification.

Development of the course will take place. All study materials of the course(s) will be elaborated with and approved by the Project.

Timeline is to be defined.

Stage 3. Launch and piloting of the online course.

The concept of the promotion, launching, and piloting of the online course will be developed and approved by the Project.

Timeline is to be defined.

Stage 4. Reporting

The final report will be made. The final report must include an evaluation of the assignment ex post facto. The used material will be annexed to the report.

Stage 5. Maintenance

To ensure the sustainability of the project’s activities, the service provider will moderate and maintain the product. The timeline is to be defined.


In the Service Provider Team, there will be a Project Manager with solid knowledge and experience of the New Ukrainian School (NUŠ) Reform; education related to the assignment’s sciences; experience in designing online courses; professional expertise in adult training; and international cooperation and projects; experienced in report writing.


The budget, details of the assignment, terms, and conditions will be specified in the contract between the FCG Ltd (Contractor) and the local Service Provider.

Payment milestones will be based on the acceptance of the key deliverables by the Project Management Team.

The maximum budget is 35,000 euros.


The Proposal must include the following:

  1. A technical proposal including the intended approach and the planned activities, the implementation, the management of the undertaking, including an operational work plan with timelines.

Templates 1-5 should be used when drafting the technical proposal. All the templates could be found below.

  1. Breakdown of costs. The budget breakdown must include two separate sections: ‘Fees of experts’ and ‘Other costs’. The fees shall be defined on rates based on working days or working months. The other Costs must be broken down to correspond to the Technical Proposal and Work Plan. The Budget Breakdown must be in Euros.

Template 5 should be used when preparing the budget.

  1. The Curriculum Vitae of each member of the team (Templates 3 and 4 should be used).
  2. Official documents proving the status of the organization and the document proving the financial capacity (annual turnover and profit/loss) of the organization.

Copies of main registration documents.

Other relevant supporting documents may be attached as an annex.

The proposal must be in English.

  • The final application must be submitted by 15 March 2021 via email at [email protected]
    Please note that all written communication must be in English. Further instructions for the tender are given only from the email mentioned above. Any further information or advice obtained from other sources may be disregarded in the tender evaluation.
  • To help us track our procurement effort, please indicate in your email where ( you saw this tender/procurement notice.


Manual for Bilateral Programmes by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, revised version 2018 is applied in the planning and implementation of this assignment. This manual is applied in all cooperation that has been agreed between Finland and Ukraine.


The Service Provider is expected and entitled to discuss issues relevant to the assignment with relevant parties, government authorities, and other relevant organizations and individuals, but the team does not have any mandate to make commitments on behalf of government authorities in Ukraine and Finland, or behalf of the Contractor, FCG Ltd, especially.


Payment amount Deliverable
50% Upon signing the contract based on a tentative budget
50% Upon receiving the Final Financial Report

The Service Provider will submit a technical proposal and a tentative budget which is broken down including unit prices.

All the templates for the technical proposal could be found in the attached document.



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