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The conflict in the east of Ukraine that emerged in 2014 significantly impacts the well-being, social and economic living conditions of Ukrainians living there. As of August 1, 2020 there are 1 450 798 internally displaced persons (IDPs), i.e. people who fled the regions of Donetsk and Luhansk to resettle in government controlled territories, who are officially registered with the Ministry of the Social Policy of Ukraine.

The housing situation for IDPs is especially demanding. Due to the additional demand for rental apartments, the rental prices have risen significantly in locations with a significant concentration of IDPs. That is why the creation of suitable framework conditions which allow the provision of permanent housing to IDPs is an important component of their integration into host communities.

The Project concept foresees the provision of subsidized housing loans via the State Specialized Financial Institution State Fund for Support of Youth Housing Construction (SFYH) of Ukraine. The goal of the project is to facilitate residential property for IDPs and their families by creating an adequate housing finance supply with subsidised housing loans. The geographical area of the Project implementation will include all cities and settlements in Ukraine, including parts of Donetsk and Luhansk regions which are under control of Government of Ukraine.

The main objective of this assignment is

  • to support and monitor the SFYH in project implementation (Activity Area A)
  • and further improve the framework conditions for IDP housing finance at SFYH (Activity Area B).

Additional aim is to improve the capacity of SFYH through creating standard procedures and training, marketing support and ensuring compliance with monitoring and verification requirements. In order to achieve this objective, the Consultant will work closely with SFYH.


We are looking for experts with previous work experience in the following fields:

  1. Expertise/experience in capacity development/training of financial institutions, mastering of educational techniques and preparation of the trainings, in particular retail lending/mortgage lending (e.g. loan products, lending technology and lending cycle, risk management, monitoring and reporting);
  2. Experience on provision of services to financial institutions in the field of development of the housing loan products, housing lending technology, management, risk management, financial analysis, etc.;
  3. Knowledge of the specific character of operations of banking services in the Ukrainian market, in particular lending procedures in the housing banking business;
  4. Knowledge of the Ukrainian mortgage market;
  5. Specific technical expertise:
  • Eligibility checks and post-disbursement monitoring and impact assessment
  • Experience in informal income assessment of private household clients;
  • Experience in marketing and sales of banking products;
  • Experience in developing on-line products for banks;
  • Experience in banking software systems, processes, web design and on-line tools creation;
  • Sound understanding of banking software and IT technologies.

6. Relevant experience in Ukraine / the Eastern Europe Region.


The core phase of the performance of services is estimated at 1.5 years /18 months.

The consultant assignment shall commence in the fourth quarter of 2020.


  • Please upload your most recent CV here, indicating the name of the project


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