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Opportunity Background

Brief information on the project

The German Alliance for Trade Facilitation develops and implements projects leading towards the reduction of non-tariff trade barriers. Within the framework of the Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) agreed by the World Trade Organization (WTO), the Alliance supports the economic development in the partner countries through the promotion of trade. Thereby, the Alliance follows a multi-stakeholder approach by bringing together German and international companies with actors from business and government in partner countries.

The German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development implemented the Fund “Trade for Development” for the financial support of projects that reduce non-tariff barriers to trade. The fund finances projects that are implemented by other programs, in this case the German Alliance for Trade Facilitation.

Together with the Fund “Trade for Development”, the German Alliance has agreed to implement the project “Cooperation with the German Alliance for Trade Facilitation in Ukraine”.

The Project is implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH through the German Alliance for Trade Facilitation. The political partner is the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture (MEDTA) in Ukraine.

The economy of Ukraine is growing strongly again after the severe economic crisis in 2014/2015 and has achieved macroeconomic and financial stability. Ukraine has made considerable progress in simplifying and reforming the business environment, yet companies report difficulties with growth-unfriendly regulations and other obstacles to the business and investment climate. Strict requirements on the one hand and unregulated procedures on the other hand result in import and export processes being lengthy, non-transparent and costly, especially for SMEs. (Core problem)

As a result of high bureaucracy and the lack of transparency of the processes, this leads to high trading costs and a reduced investment climate. Domestic and foreign companies, which provide important growth impulses in Ukraine, suffer greatly from the high transaction costs.

The aim of the measure is therefore to support the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture (MEDTA) of Ukraine in initiating the simplification of selected import or export processes. The project proceeds in three steps: 1) Transparent description of selected import and export processes, 2) Development of simplification proposals with regard to documents and processes and 3) Support of the Ukrainian Ministry for Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture (MEDTA) in the implementation of the proposals, e.g. Development of regulations or alignment of processes with EU practices.

The target group of the project are Ukrainian and European companies, whose transaction costs can be significantly reduced through simplified trading processes. This also increases the competitiveness of Ukrainian export companies. The investment climate for foreign companies is improving, which can create new jobs in Ukraine.


Public and private stakeholders in Ukraine have idenftified 5 trade processes to be simplified as part of the project outlined below.

Since January 2020, the project team has finalized stages 1 and 2 of the project (1) Transparent description of selected import and export processes, 2) Development of simplification proposals with regard to documents and processes).

Until the project closure in December 2021, the project supports project partners and relevant stakehodlers to implement at least 3 of the 5 processes in order to achieve a time and cost reduction in international trade.

According to the project approach, the project plans to support an exchange with a foreign administration and/ or institution. The aim is to learn from international best practices and enable cooperation.

Opportunity Structure

The specific tasks are:

1. Expertise of international best practices

The contractor is required to actively support the development and implementation of simplified processes through technical expertise.

The contractor will:

  • Provide international and/or European best and/or successful practices in the field of trade facilitation and on specific topics defined within the project
  • Together with the project team identify differences between selected processes in Ukraine to EU processes and identify changes that will simplify the Ukranian processes
  • Support the development of draft regulations for selected processes – Actively participate in preparatory work and discussions (virtually) with the project team and project partners to support the approval of draft regulations by relevant project partners.
  • Support the development of a work plan for the implementation of the processes.
  • Actively participate in preparatory work and discussions for the sustainable implementation of the regulations.
  • Participate in and facilitate (virtually) public and private stakeholder events to further support project implementation
  • Provide further research and changes to draft processes as necessary and applicable.


  • If applicable Workshop material (e.g. power point presentation, workshop minutes etc.)
  • Final assignment report outlining support in the areas outlined above

2. Planning and roll out of study tour

  • The contractor is required to independently plan and coordinate an exchange with at least one foreign administration/ institution on at least one of the project topics.

The contractor will:

  • Together with the project team identify with project partners in Ukraine a suitable topic and format of the exchange.
  • Suggest and coordinate with suitable exchange partners.
  • Develop a concept and work plan/ calender for the complete roll out of the exchange, including objectives and recommendations for next steps.


  • Concept of study exchange
  • Calender / work plan for the study exchange
  • If applicable Workshop material (e.g. power point presentation, workshop minutes etc.)
  • Final assignment report outlining support in the areas outlined above

The contractor will deliver the following tasks according to the indicated timeframe. Country-, project- or stakeholder-specific circumstances may influence the indicated times.

The task list is the maximum of activities foreseen; the number of tasks might be reduced due to project requirements. Travel to Ukraine by the contractor will only take place if international guidelines allow for it and in agreement with the contractor. In case the travel does not take place, the related costs are not claimed by the contractor.

Timeframe and tasks will be redefined by the GIZ project team in discussion with partners and the contractor.

Competitive Scope

Qualifications of proposed staff

Expert 1:

The bidder who is suited to fill the position described is required to provide her/his CV demonstrating the ability to cover the range of tasks involved and the required qualifications.

The below specified qualifications represent the requirements to reach the maximum number of points.

General qualifications

  • Education: Education/training: University qualification (German ‘Diplom
    (FH)’/Master/Second State Examination) in Economics / Customs / Public Finance Administration / Law
  • General professional experience: 20 years of professional experience in Customs / Trade
  • Specific professional experience: 15 years in EU trade law/ customs regulations.
  • Leadership/management experience: 6 years of management/leadership experience as project team leader or manager in a company
  • Other: Proven track record in advising public or private sector entities on trade facilitation and customs issues; Proven experience with Customs IT-Solutions

Experience in the region/knowledge of the country

  • 3 years of experience in projects in developing countries, experience in Ukraine or other eastern European countries are considered an asset

Language skills: business fluency in Fluent English skills are a requirement, good Russian and/ or Ukrainian skills are an advantage

We intend to award the services/work described in the enclosed procurement documents.

Please submit your self-declaration of eligibility using the designated form and your technical and financial tenders by June 15th 2021, noon (Berlin time) in English. Details of our submission requirements are explained in the enclosed Application Requirements.

Please note that this is a public invitation to tender so there will be no negotiations.

Please ensure that you complete and submit all of the required documents.

  • To help us track our procurement effort, please indicate in your email where ( you saw this tender/procurement notice.
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