Oleksandr Osypenko Curriculum Vitae 81 views

General Information

  • Language English
  • Highest Degree Level Master's degree in Public Administration
  • Job Category Academic, Administrative, Advocacy, Business Development, Development/International Development, Diplomatic Mission, Economist, Environment, Human Rights, International Company, International Development, Management, NGO/Nonprofit/Charity/Humanitarian, Policy & public Policy, Translation, UN, United Nations, Writing


October 2018 - October 2020
Jagiellonian University, Krakow, PolandMaster’s degree in Public Administration, International Security and Development specialization

Courses:rnEnergy Security and Environmental Protection in the Era of Climate Change; Managementrnof Humanitarian Programs and Post-Conflict Reconstruction, PCRD, From Aid tornDevelopment Effectiveness; Working with Volunteers: NGO Aid Development afterrnCrisis Situation; Security Studies; Development Economics; The InternationalrnOrder and Development Policy; Conflicts, Peacebuilding and Development;rnPreventive Diplomacy and Multilateral Conflict Management; Fundraising,rnMonitoring, and Project Cycle Management.
Language of instruction - English

September 2016 - June 2018
Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO University), Moscow, RussiaMaster’s degree, Linguistics, Translation for International Organizations program

Courses: Simultaneous, Written, and ConsecutivernTranslation from English into Russian, Diplomatic Protocol, InternationalrnRelations, Macroeconomics, International Law.

rnrnLanguages of instruction - English and Russian

Work Experience

July 2020 - December 2020
United Nations Development Program, Istanbul International Center for Private Sector in Development (IICPSD), Istanbul, TurkeyResearch intern

Providedrnadministrative, research, writing and editing support on issues related tornimpact investment, social enterprises, developing inclusive markets and thernpositive impact business can have in achieving the SDGs in Ukraine, whichrnresulted in the detailed Impact Investing Ecosystem in Ukraine study ready forrnpublishing. I participated in data collection and questionnaire analysis, deskrnresearch, case-study selection based upon the businesses adherence to bestrnpractices and desire to engage with SDGs, and provided essential support duringrnvideo interviews with public and private sector actors (took detailed minutesrnof 26 one-hour long interviews, contributed to the questionnaire and datarncollection, timely integrated essential information into the report afterrninterviews), spearheaded the market and policy analysis as well as drawing ofrnthe policy recommendations. The study has successfully passed peer-review and willrnbe published in February - March 2021.


Supportedrnprivate sector opportunity mapping and outreach efforts with attention torndetails and proven ability to work collaboratively and independently,rneffectively with minimum supervision and capacity to manage and synthesize bigrnamounts of information. Drafted a grant proposal on impact investment ecosystemrnin Eastern Ukraine for UNDP IICPSD and UkraineInvest, tailored the methodologyrnto suit the project and the region.


July 2019 - September 2019
Transparency International Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine Translator (intern)

Translated numerousrnanti-corruption related documents, articles, news items, and reports which werernlater published on the TI Ukraine website and provided to TI Ukraine sponsors,rnsuch as USAID, UNDP, Transparency International chapter in Brussels. Translatedrnthe official TI Ukraine documentation, the “Access to Information in EuropeanrnCapital Cities” research article. Number of words translated within the period –rnover 90,000.


As a more experiencedrncertified translator, I also participated in the quality management, proofreadrnand edited the work to ensure the accuracy of the translationsrnpresented to the donors and sponsors. The areas of translation covered the rulernof law and judicial reform in Ukraine, good governance, civil societyrninvolvement, climate change, Ukraine’s plans regarding SDGs, corruptionrnprevention efforts.


January 2018 - April 2018
TS Dental Group, Moscow, Russia Translator (intern)

I translated dentistry-relatedrnresearch papers and manuals from English into Russian, the TS Dental officialrndocumentation from Russian into English, proofread and edited draft papers,rnharmonized and standardized English and Russian medical and procurementrnterminology, actively contributed to glossary creation, and providedrnsimultaneous translation to the senior management during business meetings. Numberrnof words translated within the period – over 80,000.



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