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General Information

  • Language English, Urdu
  • Highest Degree Level MBA Finance
  • Total Year Experience 12+
  • Job Category Administrative, Logistics, Procurement, Ship Management, Tourism
  • Expected Job Level Executive / Managerial
  • Job Locations Armenia, Georgia, Italy, Jordan, Prague, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine
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Dear Sir/Madam,

It is with your prestigious organization that I desire to offer my diverse academic background having 12+ years of my resourceful experience in I.T, Procurement, Administration, MIS & Logistics Departments. Recently, I have served Seeh Al-Sarya Engineering as Deputy Procurement Manager at Muscat (OMAN). My two previous trades were as; Asst Procurement Manager and Supply Chain Coordinator. I have also sound experienced as Warehouse Coordinator, Administration including I.T in-charge as an additional duty. My jobs area of expertise are to manage procurement section, inventory, logistics, warehousing, monitoring, reporting, and IT related tasks AND providing all necessity support to management on related tasks.
I have received two performance award certificate; one for as Asst. MIS Officer and one for as OIC Information Management & Reporting. I have vast knowledge on statistical analyzing of data and in data management. I have various skills in my hand like;

1. MS-Office Suit
2. Logistics & WMS
3. Administration Skills
4. Procurement Skills
5. Reporting Skills
6. Monitoring & Evaluation Skills
7. Time Management
8. Negotiator
9. Communications and Soft Skills

I am confident; I would thrive in the position you will offer as I subsume high level of energy, unique skills and expertise that I have demonstrated during my professional career as well as my academic.

I am writing to express my interest and have endorsed my CV for your assessment. Review of my credentials will confirm that my scholastic records, experience, expertise and I, are clearly one of those who may be catalyst for adding value in your organization.

Rana Jabir Abbas


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