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General Information

  • Language Ukrainian, English
  • Highest Degree Level ph.d (abd)
  • Total Year Experience 32
  • Job Category Administrative, Development Agency, Development/International Development, Management, NGO/Nonprofit/Charity/Humanitarian, Other
  • Job Locations Kyiv, Lviv

Having worked on the Canadian Government‐funded, initiative‐based Policy Reform and Implementation Support Mechanism (PRISM) and Policy Advice for Reform (PAR) projects for more than ten years, I gained tremendous skills, knowledge and experience.

As Ukrainian manager of the PRISM and PAR projects, I liaised directly with a wide range of government and civil society actors including senior level representatives from the

Administration of the President of Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, major line Ministries, the National Bank of Ukraine, regional State Administrations and Councils as well as a number of non‐governmental organizations and policy think tanks across Ukraine.

I have also directly participated in the policy‐related technical advisory missions of over 190 Canadians to Ukraine with responsibilities ranging from logistical support to the facilitation of meetings and understanding between foreign advisors and Ukrainian partners. Through such direct interaction, I have gained a profound understanding of both the challenges and opportunities associated with the delivery of technical assistance in Ukraine.

Moreover, I was also responsible for the effective running the local project office that included a variety of financial and staffing responsibilities. Under my direct supervision as PRISM and PAR manager, approximately $6 500K was disbursed and reconciled to Ukrainian non‐governmental partners in the 2005‐2013 fiscal years. In addition, I also directly supervised the work of a full‐time project coordinators and financial managers and ensured that all financial reports prepared by them were in full compliance with CBIE and DFATD requirements prior to their submission to the Head Office.

The aforementioned practical experience is also complemented by professional development training in the areas of results‐based management, monitoring and evaluation, conducted by professionals from both the Government of Canada and the World Bank.

For the past several years I have been employed under individual consulting contracts (as a private entrepreneur) with the Canadian energy producer company Northland Power and the University of Winnipeg. During the implementations of two mentioned above contacts I’ve provided to the both institutions advice on an entry strategy to the Ukrainian markets and assist with establishing of their approaches, policies and operations in Ukraine.


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