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Job Ref: 3660   Job Title: Trade Commissioner Assistant   Salary: USD‎ 18,643‎ gross per annum paid twice-monthly in UAH equivalent   Vacancy type: Indeterminate   Term Details: This position is an LES (Locally Engaged Staff) position, subject to the Terms and Conditions of Employment for LES in Ukraine.   Level: Assistant   Classification: LE-05   Location: Kyiv, Ukraine  
About Agriteam Canada: Agriteam Canada is one of Canada’s leading international development firms, providing management and technical expertise to developing and transitional country partners on projects that promote sustainable growth and meaningful opportunities for people to improve their lives. Over the past 30 years, we have implemented over 370 projects in more than 65 countries. Agriteam has two offices in
Employment type: Full employment Location: Kyiv 1+1 Digital is a team of cool professionals that creates digital products for IT and media transforming 1+1 media holding into a multimedia company. We support and develop over 100 online projects annually, including entertainment and information sites, chatbots, mobile and Smart TV applications. Our products use 44% of UAnet (Gemius Audience, June 2019).
Job Description The main task of the potential candidates is to harmonize of the international standard ISO 20022 in the payment infrastructure of Ukraine. Job Duties Knowledge (experience) of European legislation, international standards; Harmonization of ISO 20022 standard in the payment infrastructure of Ukraine; Adaptation of ISO 20022 message standards in the field of non-cash payments; Adaptation of business models,
OFFICE: NATO Liaison Office (NLO) under the NATO Representation to Ukraine TITLE: Administrative Assistant, NATO-Ukraine Professional Development Programme GRADE: LES 4 WORKING HOURS: Full time LOCATION: Kyiv, Ukraine APPLICATION DEADLINE: 31 October 2019 (COB) The NATO Professional Development Programme (PDP) in Ukraine is an integrated part of the NATO Liaison Office to Ukraine (NLO), mainly aimed at providing training to civilian personnel within the wider defence


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