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  • Logo of the company or organization (If you are posting for the first time).
  • General information about the company or organization (If you are posting for the first time).
  • Title of your job posting,
  • The content of your job posting (such as job description, general information about the company or organization, required skills, education, experience, location. application deadline etc.)
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We are the best NICHE job site in Ukraine. This is where your job ads will be seen by the EXACT candidate you have been looking for. Experts have determined that niche job boards typically help employers fill more positions than generalist job boards (websites that cover all industries).

On top of that, We are also different from other job sites in Ukraine as more than 90% of the job ads at our site are posted in the ENGLISH language.

As a candidate looking for a job in a specific industry, a niche job board could also be very beneficial. As a job seeker, you want access to as many targeted job opportunities as possible. Niche job boards provide that access because they are geared to your specific industry, giving immediate access to companies that are looking for strong candidates as hard as you’re looking for employers.

Search, find and apply for the latest UN (United Nations) Jobs, NGO – NPO (Nonprofit) jobs, Embassy & Consulate jobs, academic (university) jobs, and positions, think tank job vacancies and other prestigious jobs at renowned UKRAINIAN & international firms and organisations.

Jobs are posted in ANY language– mostly in the ENGLISH language.


You can also post your TENDER/PROCUREMENT (if you would like to get high-quality responses for your tender/procurement notices) notices, RESUMES, SERVICES academic grants, conferences, seminars, workshops, scholarships and training announcements for FREE. 



                                                                         OTHER SERVICES

We ALSO  provide full-cycle outsourced HR support and services, from recruitment, on-boarding, payroll, benefits, legislation and compliance, performance and talent management, policies, employment standards, leadership assessment and development and employee engagement.

We specialise in supporting start-ups who wish to integrate the Ukrainian market and ensure that all the right HR components are in place to be successful. We also help organisations to understand and comply with the legislation and employment laws in Ukraine.

You are welcome to contact us at [email protected] 



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Worldwide NGO UN Tenders & Jobs

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