National Resistance Center: Discontent grows in Crimea over Russian army draft

Discontent is growing in Crimea over the Russian army draft, as the National Resistance Center (NRC) reports. The NRC, a Crimean-based organization, is dedicated to protecting the rights of Crimean citizens and has been vocal in its opposition to the Russian army draft.

The NRC has reported that many Crimean citizens are being forced to serve in the Russian army against their will. The organization has also noted that the Russian army draft is disproportionately targeting young Crimean men, with many of them being drafted without their consent.

The NRC has also reported that the Russian army draft is causing a great deal of distress among Crimean citizens. Many of them are concerned about the safety of their sons and husbands, as well as the potential for them to be sent to fight in foreign wars.

The NRC is calling on the Russian government to end the army draft in Crimea and to respect the rights of Crimean citizens. The organization is also urging the international community to take action to ensure that the rights of Crimean citizens are respected.

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