Prosecutor General's Office: Russian forces shell Kherson, killing 1, injuring 1

On Tuesday, the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine reported that Russian forces had shelled the city of Kherson, located in the south of the country, killing one person and injuring another.

The incident occurred on Monday evening, when Russian forces fired several rounds of artillery at the city. The shelling caused significant damage to several buildings, including a school and a hospital.

The Prosecutor General’s Office has launched an investigation into the incident and is currently working to identify the perpetrators.

The shelling of Kherson is the latest in a series of attacks by Russian forces on Ukrainian cities and towns. In recent months, Russian forces have shelled the cities of Mariupol, Donetsk, and Luhansk, as well as other areas in the east of the country.

The Ukrainian government has accused Russia of attempting to destabilize the country and has called on the international community to take action against the Kremlin.

The United States and the European Union have imposed sanctions on Russia in response to its actions in Ukraine, but the Kremlin has denied any involvement in the conflict.

The shelling of Kherson is a stark reminder of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and the need for a peaceful resolution. The international community must continue to pressure Russia to end its aggression and to respect Ukraine’s sovereignty.

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