Published: 24.10.2019
Status: open


International Organization for Migration, Mission in Ukraine (IOM) within the framework of “Support for Migration and Asylum Management in Ukraine (IMMIS)” project, implemented by IOM and European Union, now invites interested Bidders to submit their Quotations for the supply and delivery of servers for the needs of State Migration Service of Ukraine.

Additional details are provided in the attached archive below.

RFP documentation includes the following:

Section I.         General Instructions to Suppliers

Section II.        Sample forms

Annex A     Quotation Form

Annex B     Price List

Annex C     Technical Specification

Annex D     Supply Agreement Template

Annex E     Advance Security

Annex F     Code of Conduct for Suppliers

Annex G    Vendor Information Sheet

Annex H     Bid Securing Declaration

The Bidder submits following information and documents as integral parts of their Quotation:

  1. Quotation Form (Annex A);
  2. Price List (Annex B);
  3. Technical Specification (Annex C);
  4. Written (in no particular format) Supplier`s consent to, if selected as a Supplier herewith, sign a Supply Agreement based on IOM template (Annex D);
  5. List of warranty service providers (Annex E);
  6. Code of Conduct for Suppliers (Annex F), signed and stamped;
  7. Vendor information sheet (Annex G), signed and stamped;
  8. Bid Securing Declaration (Annex H);
  9. Company Profile (general presentation of the Supplier`s activities, relevant experience and references);
  10. Certificate of Registration from government agency in Ukraine or abroad;
  11. Confirmations of Tax Identification Number and certificate of tax payer issued by respective government agencies in Ukraine or abroad;
  12. Certificate of No Outstanding Tax Liability;
  13. Manufacturer Authorization Form, copies of Authorization / Reseller / Partner / Distributor Certificates, issued by equipment manufacturer;
  14. Copies of supporting documents on quoted equipment quality i.e. quality certificate, declaration of conformity, research of design certificate etc.

The Quotation must be valid for no less than 60 (sixty) calendar days from the date of bids opening (next business day after submission deadline); it should be clearly stated in the bid. Prices should be indicated in EUR, excluding VAT– DDP Kyiv (INCOTERMS 2010). Quotations with VAT shall be rejected.

For the purpose of unit prices calculation and total amount calculation in EUR, Suppliers shall use UN operational rate of exchange as of the calculation date (the actual value of the exchange rate is indicated here: https://treasury.un.org/operationalrates/OperationalRates.php). Quotations, which are not compliant to the abovementioned, will not be considered by IOM.

Quotation with all the supporting documents shall be enclosed in sealed envelopes (clearly marked “Tender UA1-2019-1654 – Supply and delivery of servers for the needs of State Migration Service of Ukraine”) and submitted on or before 15:00 EET 14 November 2019 to:

International Organization for Migration, Mission in Ukraine, Procurement Unit

8, Mykhailivska Street, Kyiv, 01001, Ukraine

Along with sending the hard copy of the original Quotation, Supplier shall deposit the electronic versions of the Quotation documents on a file hosting service (Dropbox, One Drive, etc.) and shall send the link of the folder containing quotation to [email protected] on or before 15:00 EET 14 November 2019. The subject line of the e-mail containing the link for the electronic bid download shall clearly indicate the following: UA1-2019-1654 – [insert full name of the Supplier] – Electronic Quotation.

Please address questions in writing to the following email [email protected] specifying in the subject line: “UA1-2019-1654 – [Bidder`s name] – Clarification request (attn. Maksym Kachalov)” not later than 3 (three) working days prior to deadline for submission.

The Goods are to be delivered in the framework of the international technical assistance project, which according to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers dd. 15.02.2002 №153 allows tax exemption for the suppliers, namely VAT exemption, as per legislation in effect and in accordance with the Ukraine international treaties. Official relevant comments of State Fiscal Service of Ukraine may be found by links:

•          http://sfs.gov.ua/baneryi/podatkovi-konsultatsii/konsultatsii-dlya-yuridichnih-osib/69266.html

•          http://sfs.gov.ua/baneryi/podatkovi-konsultatsii/konsultatsii-dlya-yuridichnih-osib/69076.html

•          http://sfs.gov.ua/baneryi/podatkovi-konsultatsii/konsultatsii-dlya-yuridichnih-osib/69020.html

•          http://sfs.gov.ua/baneryi/podatkovi-konsultatsii/konsultatsii-dlya-yuridichnih-osib/68434.html

IOM reserves the right to accept or reject any Quotation, cancel the selection process and reject all Quotation at any time prior to signing respective Contract, without thereby incurring any liability to affected Bidders.

Bidding documents:
  • If you wish to apply  or contact us for this tender, please specify that you saw it on vacanciesinukraine.com

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